The Department of Textile Engineering of the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus) belongs to the School Of Engineering. It was founded in 1983 and it began its academic activity in the same year. This department is renowned for the quality of its teaching and of its students, the public recognition given to its Alumni, and also for its intervention and strong links both with the private and public sector related to textile matters.

The Department of Textile Engineering has considerable experience of working with students wishing to enter employment in the Greek Textile Sector. Its curriculum program of studies- is divided in 3 sections or specialties, spinning and weaving, knitting and garment manufacturing, and dyeing –finishing. Its laboratories are also specialized in the above areas, covering from fibres and spinning (mainly cotton system), fabric manufacturing, both woven and knitted, garment design and manufacturing (latest design system-Lectra) and also dyeing and finishing, mainly in the cotton system but also in the wool system. The department accepts over 150 students each academic year. It has 17 permanent staff members of which 6 are professors, 4 assistant professors, 4 lecturers and 3 technicians. It has also 34 people working as part time professors or lecturers, most of which hold Ph.D degree. All the permanent and part time staff has considerable practical and research experience in the relevant sector where they teach. Many of the academic staff are members in national, European and International committees. The department of Textiles has participated in a number of National and International conferences and it has organized many scientific activities. It has also participated (or been leader) in many European Projects

Its fully equipped laboratories provide the technical infrastructure and hence the scientific knowledge that can guarantee a full, all-round education and training to students of the department as well as to members of the textile industry. It is member of the AUTEX (Association of Universities in Textiles) for training and postgraduate Education.

The combination of doing technological research and offering education and training gives to the department the competitive advantage to offer high quality studies according to the today needs. The students after the graduation have the adequate experience of facing the problems of the industry and find the solutions with the market laws.